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Followspot Shadow Stand

A high quality telescopic Followspot stand features internal spring dampers, double leg braces and die cast aluminium lock off knobs. The stand comes with a locking safety collar and a TV spigot receiver to accept 28mm diameter spigots. The Followspot Shadow stand is available in powder coated black and has a maximum height of 1.41m and a WLL of 40Kg.

Fully locking castor kits are available separately.

  • Part Number
  • Black Powder Paint: T51701
  • Specification
  • WLL:
    • 40Kg
  • Colour:
  • Finish:
    • Black Powder Paint
  • Receiver:
    • Ø29mm
  • Max Height:
    • 1.41m
  • Min Height:
    • 0.88m
  • Folded Length:
    • 1.03m
  • Base Diameter:
    • Ø1.06m