Sixtrack-Overlap Kits

A range of overlap line operated track kits that opens from the centre out. Line operated track kits include all the components required to install your chosen track length. A typical kit comprises of track, adjustable support brackets, a nut and bolt set, master runner, runners, pulleys, hauling line, line supports and a weighted hand pulley.

Please note: Does not include any ceiling or grid fixings and other support brackets and fasteners may be required depending on individual installation methods.

  • Part Numbers
  • 4m T63920
  • 5m T63921
  • 6m T63922
  • 7m T63923
  • 8m T63924
  • 9m T63925
  • 10m T63926
  • 11m T63927
  • 12m T63928
  • 13m T63929
  • 14m T63930
  • 15m T63931
  • Specification
  • WLL:
    • N/A
  • Finish:
    • Black
  • Colour: