Modular Extensions

A range of aluminium drop arm extensions manufactured with a female conical connector at each end. These extensions can be connected together to create a variety of different length drop arms. A slot is provided for a safety bond.

Please note: Supplied with two tapered pins but not with connectors.

  • Part Numbers
  • 250mm-Silver T45775
  • 250mm-Black T45776
  • 500mm-Silver T45780
  • 500mm-Black T45781
  • 1000mm-Silver T45785
  • 1000mm-Black T45786
  • 2000mm-Silver T45790
  • 2000mm-Black T45791
  • Specification
  • WLL:
    • 100Kg
  • Tube Diameter:
    • 48mm
  • Finish:
    • Silver
    • Black
  • Colour: